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Worldwide, over 220 million people are suffering from gut, bowel and digestive problems. If you’re one of them, please read every word coming up…


“Why Haven't You Been Told These Facts About Severe Digestion & Gut Problems?”

Yet another of the many modern day complaints
plaguing so many of us in contemporary society.

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A special message from legendary game show host Wink Martindale…

Dear friends,

Does anything below sound familiar?

  • Cramping and Discomfort (many times severe),
  • Bloating and Persistent Flatulence,
  • Unable to "go" or going all the time?

You're not alone. As many as 20% of the adult population, or one in five people, have or will eventually experience the discomforts listed above.

Where Are All These Stomach and Bowel Problems Coming From?

First off, forget about stress or anxiety. Millions of people have stress in their lives. But what they don't have are spasms, the cramps and embarrassing gas.

So what's the culprit? Simply put... it's those countless little critters living in your intestines!

Our digestive tracts are inhabited by billions of bacteria, with our gut providing the “prime real estate” they need to grow and thrive.

There are “good” bacteria (like lactobacillus) and “bad” bacteria (like E. coli and numerous others) taking up residence in our intestines.

Entering our body immediately after birth, good bacteria act in a symbiotic relationship with us - their human hosts.

We give them room and board. In return, the good bacteria help us with metabolism and digestion. Vitamin K and biotin production in particular are accomplished by beneficial gut bacteria.

Dr. A. P. Jones

My name is Dr. A. P. Jones - President of Natural Living, Inc. Perhaps you’ve heard me on the radio or seen me on television – addressing my millions of listeners regarding the serious health issues facing us today.

Dr. Andrew Jones

Dr. A.P. Jones
President, Natural Living

My name is Dr. A. P. Jones - President of Natural Living, Inc. Perhaps you’ve heard me on the radio or seen me on television – addressing my millions of listeners regarding the serious health issues facing us today.

Before starting Natural Living, I was a practicing physician for over 20 years, as well as being Board Certified in Internal Medicine. During that time, part of my practice focused on the management of hormones, including the lack of thyroid hormones and their related problems and symptoms.

My investigations into these issues lead me to the key role that supplements, including high potency iodine supplementation, play in restoring vigorous overall health, including a proper functioning thyroid.

Today I am no longer in practice seeing patients, but I constantly stress the need for proper nutrition and healthy, holistic living. This is especially important in the “modern” environment we now live in – an environment filled with toxins, chemical residues, and rogue hormones – a virtual cornucopia of health damaging substances.

Whenever I get the chance, I do my best in spreading the word about how these toxins are finding their way into our daily lives, our foodstuffs and our bodies, and what we can do to lessen or even reverse their ill effects.

My time is devoted to expanding the reach of holistic alternatives for optimal health, and of course building Natural Living into a recognized leader in the health and wellness supplement sector.

The Balance of Power

As you just read, your gut provides a paradise environment for bacteria (both good & bad) to live in. But your "good" bacteria are pretty territorial and fight off unwanted neighbors.

However, our modern-day way of living is stacking the deck against good intestinal health…

  • Antibiotics
  • Steroids
  • Birth control pills
  • Synthetic hormones
  • Bad diets
  • Poor nutrition
  • Environmental toxins

These are just a sampling of what can kill off the good bacteria, inhibit your body’s ability to fight off bad bacteria or just plain provide an overwhelming feeding frenzy for the bad guys to set up shop.


When bad bacteria start getting the upper hand in your intestinal tract, yeast often moves in and takes up residence. This shift in your gut causes pretty severe problems - an altered balance of power in the continuous war zone of your intestines.

Once the good bacteria have been supplanted by yeast or bad bacteria in sufficient numbers, your health can begin to suffer.

Yeast – A Slow Assassin

Yeast isn't your friend - in fact over the decades it can slowly but surely turn your health upside down. Or it can suddenly come on like gangbusters - leaving you to wonder what in the world hit you.

Living off the excess sugar in your diet passing down to the large intestine, yeast can make your life miserable.

How Much Is Excess Sugar To Blame?

Consider this:

  • In 1900 the average consumption of sugar per person in the USA was about 5 lbs. per year.
  • In 1980 it was 26 lbs. per year.
  • Today it’s nearly 135 lbs. per person, each year!

All this sugar is thought to be a direct contributor to a host of poor health issues, not just obesity.

(Did you know that in a 20 ounce bottle of regular carbonated soft drink, there are over 15 teaspoons of sugar, and in a “small” 12 oz. can there are over 9 teaspoons of sugar? That’s for each and every bottle & can of pop you drink. Ouch!)

Excess sugar is a seventh heaven for yeast cells. Just like in fermentation, yeast-sugar metabolism produces gas – mainly carbon dioxide (CO2).

Carbon dioxide is both colorless & odorless. When the yeast in your gut manufactures enough carbon dioxide it causes bloating, cramping and… intestinal gas!

If your flatus is mostly non-odorous, then it’s largely carbon dioxide.

Rule of Thumb: If your “wind” doesn’t smell, you have a yeast problem.

Antibiotics – Indiscriminate Killers

Used properly, antibiotics can and do save countless lives. But like with most everything else on this planet, there are trade-offs. Antibiotics attack all bacteria – both good and bad. One antibiotic – one pill – can be sufficient enough to kill off a large population of friendly bacteria. The problem here is obvious: With the good bacteria in retreat, the bad guys can multiply and take over!

But what if you never take antibiotics?

Doesn’t matter – because your digestive tract is under constant assault from toxins and bad diets. Plus, don’t forget the food supply has hidden antibiotics, hormones and poisons directly affecting your gut and bacterial flora. Our environment is unfortunately painfully polluted with all sort of harmful residues.

Probiotics - Returning Gut Balance the Natural Way

The last thing you want when relieving your digestive and bowel problems is something that's going to make it even worse. Yet amazingly, many people do exactly this!

Probiotics - One Major Piece of the Digestive Puzzle

Probiotics are good bacteria concentrated in large quantities, and when taken as a nutritional supplement, go a long way helping to restore the beneficial flora in your gut.

Some good bacteria are found in food items like yogurt and kefir, but their quantities are nearly negligible.

However, one probiotic capsule (such as Primal Defense) is the beneficial bacteria equivalent of about 10,000 cups of yogurt!

I would highly recommend supplementing with probiotics – if only for keeping your intestinal tract healthy as possible.

But restoring the balance of healthy bacteria is only part of the equation. Yeast is also a culprit – one which I personally believe is the case for most of the digestive and bowel complaints so common today.

My opinion is that anti-yeast tactics are absolutely necessary for
supporting digestive and bowel health.

Controlling Yeast with Digestive Enzymes

Thankfully there are ways for getting the upper hand on yeast. You just read about probiotics. But there’s another way that can work wonders, especially against yeast… digestive enzymes.

Your natural digestive enzymes are found in your salivary glands (saliva), stomach, pancreas and intestines. Each has a specific task in breaking down food for proper digestion.

As we age, the amount of digestive enzymes in our body start to decrease. That’s why as teenagers we can have an “iron stomach” and eat almost anything, but as the years progress we get more and more sensitive to what we ingest.

All digestive enzymes are helpful, but those that digest sugars are particularly beneficial for controlling bloating, cramping and flatulence. Anything reducing the flow of undigested sugar feeding the yeast is good. If sugars are digested in the small intestine and don’t pass through into the large intestine, this is the equivalent of starving the yeast to death!

Low sugar diets help for the same reasons that digestive enzymes do. Starving the yeasts.

High Fructose Corn Syrup

The Killer Lurking In Our Food

Next time you go food shopping, take a look at the nutritional labels on anything canned, bottled or boxed. It’s a good chance you’ll find high fructose corn syrup as one of the main (if not the top) ingredients.

This sugar is being added to almost everything, and is a huge contributor to our national ill-health epidemic. Why is high fructose corn syrup finding its way into so much of what we eat?

Corn is government subsidized – and the syrup is cheap. It’s an easy way to make food taste good while saving money for the producer. How do you think we’ve increased our sugar intake by over 4 times in just 30 years? It was by this stealth adulteration of the food supply.

Unfortunately it’s now wreaking havoc with our bodies.

The Long Term Consequences

Flatulence and cramping aren't jokes. It may start out as uncomfortable gas, but left unchecked, it can steadily grow into full-time misery and embarrassment.

Think of this as an early warning sign of impending bad things to come.

Your gut is probably one of the most important organs in your body. Your entire body depends on the food it gets and how it’s digested. A lifetime of health can hang in the balance at this point in the digestive process. In fact, notable health advocates such as Dr. Mercola say our guy actually acts as a second brain!

If you are living anything near a modern lifestyle, then it’s more than likely your lower tract could use some powerful help, even if you aren’t experiencing the constant gas, bloating and cramps.

Digestive enzymes and Primal Defense probiotics can go a long way in helping you maintain your health and reversing years of nutritional neglect and environmental poisoning.

Primal Defense (one of the best brands I can recommend for restoring healthy flora in your intestines) can be found in high quality health food stores (such as Whole Foods) or online.

However, finding the optimal blend of digestive enzymes in one convenient capsule has been extremely difficult (if not impossible) to get.

That is, until now…

Digest +SEB

High Potency, Full Spectrum Digestive
Enzymes For Optimal Intestinal Health

Digest +SEB: This proprietary product directly addresses the problem of undigested and poorly digested sugars & starches in the large intestine.

Digest +SEB not only helps digest the excess sugars, but includes powerful enzymes specifically geared for breaking down and digesting fats & proteins.

  • Digest +SEB Enzymes digest all food components: Sugars, starches, fats and proteins...
  • Contains lactase for lactose-intolerant people... 
  • Helps protect against bad bacteria and yeast overgrowth... 
  • Directly addresses the cramping, bloating, gas and elimination problems so many people are now experiencing.

In my opinion, Digest +SEB is simply the world’s finest digestive enzyme blend, in any formulation at any price. And yes, not only do I offer this supplement to the public, but I personally take Digest +SEB myself.

All it takes is 1 capsule with each meal, and you’ll be supplying yourself with all the essential enzymes your body needs for proper digestion & nutrition, such as:

  • Amylase I & II
  • Protease Blends I, II, & III
  • Lipase
  • Lactase
  • HemiSEB (proprietary)
  • Cellulase
  • Maltase
  • Invertase
  • Bromelain
  • Peptizyme SP (proprietary)
  • Papain
  • Alpha Galactosidase

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Imagine Life Free From The Constant
Exasperations of Intestinal Distress!

  • No more bloating, puffy pressure making you feel like you swallowed a balloon… 
  • No more cramping and pain, as if your guts were being grabbed and twisted from the inside out, and… 
  • No more embarrassing, awkward flatulence making you want to run to the nearest closet and hide in shame.

Order your supply of Digest +SEB today, and start saying goodbye to those intestinal blues!

YES! I’m Ready To Order!

Here’s to a vibrant & wonderful life,


Dr. A. P. Jones,
President Natural Living, Inc.

P.S. Digest +SEB can work wonders for your digestive & intestinal health, but let’s be practical here as well. When in active practice I often told my patients to think of a body like a car. Feed it bad gas, don’t change the oil or other essential fluids, and continually expose it to toxic stuff like heat, dirt and salt… one day it’s going to sputter and fail.

If you keep ingesting huge amounts of sugar & soft drinks, processed foods, white bread and other refined starches – don’t be surprised if you don't feel well!

Eat healthy, stay active and wisely supplement, and you’ll go a long way towards having an abundant, rich and healthy life!

P.P.S. A quick note about diet soda. Many people believe that drinking diet soda is healthy. Nothing could be further from the truth! Studies have shown drinking diet soda actually INCREASES your appetite, causing you to eat more.

It’s thought the brain senses something sweet, but becomes confused when there are no calories associated with that sweetness. Your appetite then goes into overdrive trying to make up for this caloric disconnect.

PPlus, the artificial sweetener Aspartame used in many diet soda brands is anything but body friendly. It can actually break down into a formaldehyde-like compound in your liver!

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* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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